Pre-Employment Screening

Drug Testing, Background Tests, Criminal Reports

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Background Screening

Pre-Employment Screening services from The Pre-Check Company, the premier background screening company that provides services to give you a picture of your applicant you can’t get in an interview, offering assurance that your perfectly interviewing applicant will become a high-performing coworker, full of innovative ideas that improve morale, increase output and grow the bottom line.

Powerful Reporting

Our clients tell us that they can make actual hiring decisions based on the reports we provide.

Pre Employment Services

Pre-Check is your consultant for the Human Resource Community. We offer background checks on employment references, education, and national criminal searches, drug testing, E-Verify and other services. We will also provide you with information pertaining to your Human Resource needs. We partner with Pre-Select, a highly intuitive and easy to use applicant tracking system.

What We Report

As a consumer reporting agency, Pre-Check must be careful about how we handle your applicant’s information, what we report to you, and how we report it. We cannot provide you with a report until you have certified that you have given the applicant the required disclosure statement and received written authorization for the background check. You must also certify that you will comply with the all the requirements if you use information from the background check to take adverse action against the applicant. Pre-Check requires a copy of the release with every request, which decreases the chance of any additional delay and provides us with proof that you have received permission from the applicant. We keep the copy of release on file so we can furnish it if the permission is ever questioned. If you need a copy of a signed release, contact your Pre-Check representative.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Made Simple

First and foremost, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FACT Act) requires that you have a good reason for requesting a background check, which includes pre-employment purposes, and requires that you have written permission from the applicant before requesting that Pre-Check conduct an investigation. The FACT Act describes an applicant as a person who applies for employment by mail, telephone or through a computer. If you use Pre-Select, our online application system, applicants are defined as job seekers who have successfully completed the pre-qualifying questions. If a background check is conducted and adverse action is taken based on that application, the applicant must be provided a the notice of adverse action by telephone, computer, or postal mail.

Drug Testing

Drug abuse is a contributor to increased costs, lowered production, theft, accidents, increased Workers’ Compensation claims, and workplace violence. It’s the enemy of the corporate mission, and we offer several drug testing solutions to fit your needs, including 5 panel rapid urine testing, 10 panel testing, oral fluids and hair testing.

Applicant Tracking System - Pre-Select

Pre-Select sorts and manages the applications you receive so that you're not inundated with thousands of unqualified applicants. Instead, the Pre-Select system provides you only with the applicants who meet your pre-determined criteria. In addition, your Pre-Select portal is branded with your logo, but hosted on Pre-Check's secure servers, preserving your bandwidth while providing the best security of information available.